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Friday 8th October

Nursery this morning. Was fine. Younger class seemed very stretched out over the full length of the (long) room which gave things a slightly stilted feel. Can't say I was on particularly scintillating form though. Definitely need more recuperation time now than I used to. Prolonged powernap afterwards. Lunch from Takamatsu Bakery. Still no sign of the legendary pudding bread.

Looks like the green screen is going to work. Gave it a trial run and the main worries, namely would my voice carry, and just how pallid would I look, have been assuaged. Also now realise the videos work much better from a student's-eye perspective which preserves their privacy but with their natural reactions audible. Really fed up with hearing that irritating fanfare effect every 15 seconds. Need to sort out the names issue. Not comfortable using their actual ones, and giving different Japanese names seems a bit of a minefield. Am basically left with not using names at all, which would be really weird, or giving temporary or consistent English names. Kind of liked that in the French class at primary school (before the scandal of Paradise Road brought things to a premature end). All seems a lot of effort for a handful of views, but content is king after all.

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