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Saturday 9th October

Lots of people absent today. Bit of a ghost town. Practiced some more with the green screen. Picked up a few bits and bobs, not the least of which being that the white shirt/mask combination is not a good idea, and that I was talking much too fast in the eikaiwa. Were arguably mitigating circumstances for that particular slot, but think these are relatively common mitigating circumstances and as such require measures to be taken. Nothing particularly drastic is necessary - starting the eikaiwa on time, updating warm-ups, selecting warm-ups earlier rather than spuriously "reading the group" like I'm a wand salesman on Diagon Alley, making a conscious effort to slow my speech down.

Agonising over whether to have a staggered finish, so the very young students don't have to sit through what is essentially Junior High level English. The clear drawback is that it detracts from the group ethos, as in going round the circle at the end listening to everyone's dialogue, but get the feeling it's only me who cares about this, and that a staggered finish would prevent me rushing things when I can feel their concentration waning. Having a clear age limit would be the fairest solution, as don't want to discourage intermediate students who want to challenge themselves by picking them out as someone who can't cope with the higher level. Plus is very much the minority of slots when this particular thing is an issue. All v mundane but the perfectionist in me won't let things lie.

Cassetteboy nails it yet again:





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