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Thursday 7th October

M's Sports Day today. A staccato Zoom feed which covered the entire ground and with the starting gun as pretty much the only audio... Bit of a reflection of the times we live in, but to be honest was nice not having dust blown in my eyes the whole time, and the visuals proved oddly hypnotic. Her team won, apparently.

Y still hasn't fully recovered so was at home today. From mid-PM she seemed to return to the land of the living. Finally played Fifa 22 for the first time. Don't think she was particularly taken with it. Prefers playing the real thing. She's at the right school. Must be at least 10 years even to playing it on the Wii in Teignmouth, let alone the glory days of the Megadrive. Something so cathartic about running rings around Real Madrid's midfield with Adama Traore, but surely there is a market for Sensible Soccer's return?

The plan to blitz the website didn't come to fruition, but did get a lot of mundane but important things done so don't feel too guilty.





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