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Tuesday 19th October

Good if unspectacular day today. Spent the morning cutting up the remaining wood on the deck, ready for transport up north. Finally got started on the plastic backlog too. Going to take a while, but looking at what is there is entirely down to me.

Quiet without N and Y here. They seem to be having a good time in Balletworld.

Made M’s bento this morning. Quite pleased with myself even if is basically just yesterday’s Yoshikei that we didn’t eat. Apparently she doesn’t like potato salad, but ate it anyway. Sweet of her. Or she was just hungry.

Got cracking on the website. Wanted to get the content done first, but hard to fight against the habit of a lifetime so obsessing over design it was… Does look really good in fairness, particularly compared to the dirge of a placeholder I had before. What with that and the new newsletter looking really smart, the mojo may well have returned.

Also turns out that the girls have a point about the cheapo IKEA desk chairs. Ludicrously uncomfortable. Costco awaits.





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