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Tuesday 5th October

Relatively sedate day off, albeit one with a nursery lesson in the morning and punctuated by various fatherly duties. The entire family is now double-jabbed. Y's second was done in a suitably understated manner at M Clinic. She seems fairly optimistic about tomorrow but am not building my hopes up. Unfortunately, Wednesdays are a bit of a nightmare to cover.

Pining for jam sponge pudding. Various recipe sites say is easy but didn't realise was steaming involved...

Since the demise of the Squarespace site have been a bit remiss at getting this one up and running in earnest. Ideally, will have something pretty decent by the end of October. Will try to get an English outline done on Thursday, and then gradually fill it in in Japanese over the next few weeks.

Got blanked by a fellow ballet parent at the supermarket yesterday. Was reciprocal, in fairness, although think she had prior warning as I do rather stand out from the crowd. Wish had had something other than (not one, not two, but) three large bags of potato chips in my basket though. If not fruit then at least yoghurt...

Feel a bit adrift at the moment. Current book is about the Bloodlands of Eastern Europe and current audiobook is a history of the Templars which keeps drifting off each time my phone goes into low power mode. Which is often. All a bit deadening if worthy. The two years reading Don Quixote all over again. Have a stronger desire than ever before to write. Just lack of time and spectacular levels of inertia holding me back...

Now have all the equipment necessary to get the YouTube side of things going again. Ideas too, thankfully. Think really need to give the online side of things a push or diminishing returns could set in.

Petrol queues and empty shelves in the UK.

That'll do for now. Intend to post daily one- or two-paragraph entries from now on. Probably in English.

Last but now least, Wolves have won two in a row!





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