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Wednesday 5th January


Hyper-careful day trip today.

Things I discovered in the process, some of which I already knew and some of which I didn’t:

  • N&Y really really really like ballet.

  • Either my sense of direction isn’t what it once was or the car navigation system is getting confusingly out of date. Or both. Probably both.

  • Remain useless at killing time in places am not used to.

  • A prawn open sandwich (open prawn sandwich?) in the Ikea restaurant takes me straight back half terms in Wolverhampton like nothing else. If only it had been rye bread…

  • Contrary to the previous point, finding myself drawn to veganism. Think if I were to read the Henry Mance book would cross the point of no return. V persuasive moral, environmental and health arguments for it. Family issues though.

  • Should appreciate the calmness of Kanazawa more.





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