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Saturday 16th October

Miyamura Prize ceremony today. V proud of M. All v civilized. Nice and brisk. Photos took longer than the ceremony. N seemed to know half...

Friday 15th October

Chopped wood. Did some fairly mundane prep work. Back in the hoodie. Max has been a bit bitey lately. Hope he’s alright.

Thursday 14th October

Went with Y to Aeon Hakusan. Was good. She seemed to enjoy it. Would have been easy enough to weasel out but glad I didn’t. Mall itself...

Wednesday 13th October

Long day today. Went well enough. Timing wasn't there. Buzzers are still just about intact but can't be a weekly thing. Tired. Y's mirror...

Monday 11th October

My Japanese seemed to grow steadily worse in the morning. Peak was at the dry cleaners when was trying to explain how I had a card but...

Sunday 10th October

Figured out the flow issue that was worrying about yesterday. Not perfect but has a logic to it. Furthermore, it turns out speaking more...

Saturday 9th October

Lots of people absent today. Bit of a ghost town. Practiced some more with the green screen. Picked up a few bits and bobs, not the least...

Friday 8th October

Nursery this morning. Was fine. Younger class seemed very stretched out over the full length of the (long) room which gave things a...

Thursday 7th October

M's Sports Day today. A staccato Zoom feed which covered the entire ground and with the starting gun as pretty much the only audio... Bit...

Wednesday 6 October

Y has been pretty rough today. Same as we all were the day after the second shot. Hopefully she'll be able to go to school tomorrow but...

Tuesday 5th October

Relatively sedate day off, albeit one with a nursery lesson in the morning and punctuated by various fatherly duties. The entire family...